MALEFICENT - Official Featurette #1 

April 17th 29

New trailer for “Maleficent”

January 25th 26
Q: Here is a spanish teaser of "The Boxtrolls". It's different than the one that was released a few months ago: www[.]youtube[.]com/watch?v=PTowr-f4irw&hd=1 -Anonymous


November 15th 3

Elle Fanning and Justin Bieber Encounter at the 2011 Critic’s Choice Awards

October 22nd 4


August 26th 39
Q: Here you can a few other videos about the "First Stars I See Tonight"-project, where they explain what kind of special effects they are planning to add: www[.]hitrecord[.]org/collaborations/7771 -Anonymous

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August 19th 2
Q: I found here another deleted scene from "Ginger & Rosa". From what I heard they are just 2, so they are all online available: www[.]traileraddict[.]com/clip/ginger-and-rosa/deleted-scene-jesus -Anonymous

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August 1st 5
Q: "elleanddakota" found this interesting "Making of Ginger & Rosa". It more of a general documentary. So it doesn't have that many scenes with Elle. But they are all very sweet: vimeo[.]com/59061795 -Anonymous

I love any kind of behind the scenes footage, so thank you! [x]

August 1st 2
Q: Here is Elle's full appearence on "Anderson" in 2011, where she promoted WBAZ together with the movie-crew. Until now only a few short clips were available on youtube from that appearence: tinyurl[.]com/mzoc7sy -Anonymous

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July 26th 3
Q: Here is the first deleted scene from "Ginger & Rosa". Hopefully someone will upload the others: www[.]shockya[.]com/news/2013/07/19/check-out-deleted-scene-from-ginger-rosa-coming-to-dvd-july-23/ -Anonymous

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July 20th 4

The Boxtrolls teaser trailer

July 3rd 46