Ginger and Rosa (previously known as Bomb) has been premiering at some film festivals around the world, and there are a few reviews already!

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September 1st 36 source

Still of Elle and Annette Benning in their new movie, Bomb

May 26th 29 source

On casting the leads:

Sheppard: “The two central roles are two 16-year-old girls. We initially spread the net very wide. We did a campaign on Facebook whereby users could shoot an audition they could upload onto Youtube. We had 1,500 entries which we shortlisted to 300, then to 30 who were auditioned over two days.

The final six were excellent but none were quite right. We went through that process to make sure we weren’t missing someone out there in the UK. But the moment Sally met Elle she knew she was the one for the part.”

May 14th 23 source

Elle’s upcoming projects


USA     2011   
Canada    11 September 2011     (Toronto International Film Festival)
Italy    2 December 2011     (Turin Film Festival)
France    25 January 2012     (Gerardmer Fantasy Film Festival)
Belgium    11 April 2012   
France    11 April 2012   
Russia    26 April 2012   
Sweden    20 June 2012     (DVD premiere)


(no release dates yet)

A pure life

USA     2013   


(no release dates yet)

God Help the Girl

UK     2013   


USA    14 March 2014   

May 7th 1 source

Elle Fanning - ”Bomb” behind the scenes

March 23rd 90 source