Q: Yes, the "Maleficent"-poster is clearly fan-made. But do you have an idea when get the first real posters, stills and trailers for the movie? The movie is set to come out in July 2014, so I don't know exactly when they start promoting it. -Anonymous

I really don’t know! There’s still a year left until the movie premieres, so I guess they’re still editing and finishing it? Perhaps we’ll get something around christmas time?

June 25th 2
Q: This is some Korea Vogue's Interview + photos! Hope it'll help you! xxx www[.]style[.]co[.]kr/vogue/starstyle/starstyle_view[.]asp?menu_id=02020500&c_idx=012201010000021 -dreamlikememory

Thank you!! I don’t get a single word, though haha. Hopefully we’ll find a translated version soon! (x)

June 25th 2
Q: hey do you know if Jamie S. is Dakota´s boyfriend, I think the've been seen together lately right?, did you know that he is Robert Pattinson and kristen´s friend? -Anonymous

I have no idea, to be honest. Yeah, I did read somewhere that Jamie is friends with Rob and Kristen, perhaps that’s how they know each other?

June 25th 2
Q: HEY!! your blog is awsommeee!!! I read the confessions tag, where you really with Dakota in cat in the hat or was that a quote? If it's true you are soooo luckyyy!!! :O -Anonymous

Thanks! No, I didn’t! That’s just a confession someone sent me. I only publish them, none of them are my confessions :)

June 12th 2
Q: Can you post a picture of elle's hair in women in hollywood please? Cause i wanna use that hairstyle in a party im going to, thank you! -Anonymous

You mean this one?

June 12th 1
Q: Where you found new photos of set of low down? -Anonymous


June 2nd 1
Q: I totally agree with the other anon about the Fannings not going the wrong path. One good thing about them is that they rarely hang out with other child-stars in their private live. Most of their friends are normal people. Because I kind of get the feeling that child-stars influence each other in a bad way. Another good thing is that they don't use social media publicly. A part of me would obviously like them to use it. But I am starting to think that twitter is not very good for teenage-stars. -Anonymous
June 2nd 1
Q: how you did that: 24[.]media[.]tumblr[.]com/dc4e03fc9ea83777fc5b11ec79e97213/tumblr_mnoru2nx1C1qjnb38o1_500[.]jpg? -Anonymous
  • Get your picture, resize, it, crop it, sharpen it, add some curves or brightness/contrast if you feel like doing it
  • Make a new black and white gradient layer above it
  • Then you just color over the b/w picture. Pick a color and paint over the hair, set the layer to multiply (you might have to play a little bit with the colors and opacity to get it to look nice)
  • Repeat that step until you’ve colored the parts you want (skin, eyes, clothes, etc)
  • You’re done!
June 2nd 2
Q: Feliz Cumpleaños, chica :) -intelectualwasteland

Gracias! :)

June 2nd 1
Q: happppp burrrrrr -szzzz

Thank you! :)

June 2nd 1
Q: happy birthday! Xx -psychopie

thanks! :)

June 2nd 1
Q: Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! -fanning-life-deactivated2014030

thank you honey :)

June 2nd 1
Q: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You run this blog so well! <3 -Anonymous

thank you so much!

June 2nd 1
Q: You have the same birthday as Marilyn Monroe! -Anonymous

AND Morgan Freeman, Heidi Klum and Alanis Morissette! I may or may not have googled that

June 1st 2
Q: Happy Birthday !! Have a great day :D -beclassyandfabulouis

aw thank you!

June 1st 1