Q: lots of questions here. 1. do you have dakota's address to write to? 2. what interview is elle's speech from that you recently posted? where's the video? 3. what's your favorite dakota interview? 4. what's your favorite elle interview? 5. which film are you most excited about to release between the two sisters? -Anonymous

Fan Mail Address:

Dakota Fanning

One Talent Management

9220 Sunset Blvd.

Suite 306

Los Angeles, CA 90069


2- It’s from last year’s Young Hollywood Awards. She won Best Actress and got really emotional while accepting it. (I posted a video a few days ago)

3 & 4- I don’t really have a favorite interview, I usually enjoy reading all of them. But the one they did together for W Magazine was pretty cool.

5- From Dakota’s projects, I can’t wait to see Now is Good and Very Good Girls. And from Elle’s, I really want to see Maleficent, Ginger and Rosa (Bomb) and Vivaldi! She’s been attached to Vivaldi for so many years now that I reaaally want to see it :)

August 18th