Dakota Fanning’s Beauty Rules


As a girl, Britney Spears was my idol, so I played around with some of her looks. The most dangerous I’ve been with make-up was on the film The Runaways. One of the looks was like silver spray paint over my eyes which I still try to emulate, in a modified way. 

I’m obsessed with nail art- I’m desperate to try the thing where they literally put toys on your nails. I collect CHANEL NAIL POLISHES and have nearly all of them displayed in my bathroom- the minute one comes out, I’m all over it.

My Beauty Rules Dakota Fanning


I prefer light, fresh scents. I’ve always loved Marc Jacobs fragrances and have every Daisy bottle, so it was great to work with him for Oh, Lola!. I can honestly say that if I could create my own scent, it would smell like this.


Sometimes my job does limit how experimental I can be with hair and make-up. Part of me would love to have pink hair, but I’m not sure now is the right time. I do get to experiment in my films, just in a safer way- wearing wigs rather than actually cutting off my hair, for example. 

My Beauty Rules Dakota Fanning


If I were to give my younger sister beauty advice, I’d say that although it’s fun to go crazy with make-up, I don’t like seeing young girls trying to be someone they’re not. I think we should keep youthful for as long as possible. 

My Beauty Rules Dakota Fanning


When I was little I had white-blonde hair and I still saw it as that colour, even after it turned dishwatery. So, as soon as I was old enough to dye it, I wanted the blonde back. I use KERASTASEproducts to keep it looking healthy.

My Beauty Rules Dakota Fanning


I think I’d look alien with a spray tan. I like my skin the way it is, as it feels like me, so it’s not something I’d want to try out- unless it was for a role. I’d worry that I’m so pale, it would never come off! 


The best beauty advice I’ve been given is to take your make-up off before you go to sleep- I’ve noticed that my skin looks so much worse if I forget. My good skin is down to DR LANCERproducts, but whatever type of skincare routine you follow, you have to do it religiously morning and night, not just once in a while.


When I was younger, I’d rather stay in than go to the beach as applying sunscreen was so exhausting and I’d burn to a crisp otherwise. But it’s a good habit to get into and now i use NEUTOGENA ULTRA SHEER SUNSCREEN, £8.99.


I think that regular exercise is really important for staying healthy and, however busy I am, I try to do about an hour a day. I like Pilates and cardio barre, which combines ballet moves with an exercise class. It’s really big in LA at the moment. Either way, I try and mix it up with core strengthening and cardio. 


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