Just to clear things up (once again), the following accounts are fake

  • elle_fanning (Instagram)
  • fanning_e (Twitter) - SUSPENDED
  • ellefannlng (Twitter-private)
  • thebunheads (Twitter-private)
  • facebook.com/thellefanning
  • fanningdakota (Instagram)
  • rarebitd (Twitter)
  • heyitsmef (Formspring)

No matter how real they look, no matter how many followers they have, THEY.ARE.FAKE. I have certain ways to know this, so believe me when I tell you guys they are posers.

(September 10th) UPDATE:  Leila (Totally Elle’s webmiss) contacted Elle’s management and asked them about the fakes accounts on Instagram (elle_fanning) and Twitter (e_fanning). She decided to do it after we read that “Elle” was joining forces with some people and doing a “special project”. Now, posing as someone is one thing, but pretending to be a celebrity to get work is a whole new level of messed up. 

So today Leila got an email from them, saying that BOTH ACCOUNTS ARE ABSOLUTELY FAKE and that they will shut them down as soon as possible. You can read what she wrote at Totally Elle, too.